January 4

January 4

The Garden — God’s plan for marriage.
Today’s Readings:
Reading 1: Genesis 2
Reading 2: Matthew 19:3-6
Reading 3: Ephesians 5:28-33

Today, the eternal plan we saw on Day One, which became a creative plan on Day 2, now becomes a detailed plan and shows us God’s plan for marriage.

Genesis 2 gives more detail than Genesis 1 on the creation of humanity. It is not contradictory to the previous chapter; it simply explains the process which chapter 1 announced. Notice that both chapters state clearly that God makes us male and female, and chapter two defines how male and female are complementary. Some have tried to say this chapter makes men superior to women by primogenesis (being created first) and because the woman is described as a “helper” but that is clearly contradicted by God saying this state is “not good” in stark contrast to everything He created being described as “good.” Others have sought to make men and women equal in all respects, but this chapter also rules that out, showing that we complement one another, and thus are different in form and function from each other.

The two words describing the woman (ezer kenegdo in Hebrew) are translated “help-meet” or “helper fit for him” but these translations overlook that almost every other use of ezer in the Old Testament refers to God or to military allies. The meaning of helper is one who is brought in to rescue or save. The word kenegdo means equal, qualifying the helper to being equivalent to the one helped, rather than superior! So if you have a wife, God has blessed you with a strong helper who fits your need perfectly. If you are a wife, you have been given by God to your husband in order to help him with strong, complementary giftings. Males and females are clearly different, but there are no weak women or dominant men in this chapter of scripture (before the Fall)!

Incidentally, whilst God loves every human, it is not possible to change the meaning of Genesis to accommodate recently popular redefinitions of marriage. God’s plan is stated clearly: one man and one woman become one marriage. There is no room for divorce, polygamy, serial sexual relationships, homosexual relationships, or any other variant in this statement of God’s design.

And there is an eternal significance to marriage – Paul describes it in his letter to the Ephesians. The uniting of a man and a woman in marriage is an illustration of the uniting of Jesus and the Church in eternity. One Savior, one Church, forever united in God’s plan. We look forward to that day!

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