January 19

January 19.

Abraham & Lot — Lot’s choice of land vs. Abraham’s promised land.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Genesis 13

Reading 2: Nehemiah 9:6-8

Reading 3: Acts 7:2-5

Abraham and Lot are traveling together (with all their families and herds) and quarreling begins to erupt between their families. So Abraham gives Lot the choice of where to live.

Lot naturally chooses the best land, but before long, finds himself surrounded by sin which leads him astray. By contrast, Abraham finds his land to be a land of blessing, where God makes promises to him and expands his territory. There are many ungodly residents in the land, but all Abraham’s enemies will be driven out by God.

Nehemiah reminds us that God is always true to His Word, and so fulfills all His promises. Even though Abraham and Sarah are childless, God promises that their descendants will inherit this land.

For us, do we take God at His Word? Do we trust His promises and provision, even if we seem to be walking through an ungodly and barren land? Faith holds on to God, even when the promises seem impossible!

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