February 6

February 6.

Joseph & his Betrayal — Joseph is envied, betrayed, & sold by his brothers (like Jesus was).

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Genesis 37

Reading 2: Acts 7:8-9

Reading 3: Matthew 27:1-18

We continue with Joseph’s story today – and we see how much Joseph’s life parallels the life of Jesus. Joseph is favored and hated for it, Joseph is betrayed, Joseph ends up far away from his home, and Joseph is sold.

The same is seen in Jesus’ life. Human nature is often expressed in ways that cause suffering to others, but God is at work in these circumstances. In the case of Jesus, redemption for all humanity is the goal. In Joseph’s life, God’s plan is the redemption of the young, growing nation of Israel.

And for us… how do we respond when betrayed? Do we ever compare ourselves to others and get offended at the comparison? Do we betray or reject those we don’t like? In all these ways Jesus understands us and will help us be more like Him.

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