February 11

February 11.

Joseph & his Revelation — Joseph reveals his identity (like Jesus will) at the second coming.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Genesis 44

Reading 2: Genesis 45

Reading 3: Acts 7:9-13

If you love dramas you will enjoy today’s readings, as the story of Joseph reaches a climax. He reveals himself to his brothers and then sends them back to Canaan to return with his father and all the family. All God’s chosen people are going to be saved through a great trial because one of God’s chosen people learned to obey God despite injustice, work diligently without reward, and submit to great hardship.

We see few such men today because ease has become fashionable, but Joseph is a picture of Jesus who will be revealed when He returns to earth. The hardships will be behind Him and the victory will be complete, just as Joseph’s family is made complete by the events in today’s readings.

There will be parallels for all of us, for life is not without hardships. Whether your testing is over, or just beginning, God will show you His priorities through Joseph’s example, and reassure you with the knowledge that Jesus has already won the victory.

Have a great day!


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