April 9

April 9

Joshua & Dividing the Land — Some tribes possess their land & some procrastinate.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Joshua 13:1-14

Reading 2: Joshua 14

Reading 3: Joshua 18:1-10

The Promised Land was a gift from God to the nation of Israel, given because they were chosen by God to enjoy a special relationship with Him. The peoples driven out of the land had no interest in following God, and no heart to worship Him.

The Land was also a type, or foretaste, of God’s destiny for His people in centuries to come. Followers of Jesus are chosen by God to be His children, and thus to inherit a destiny in this life and eternal life after death. This destiny, like the Promised Land, does not just come to us because we believe in Jesus. Instead there is a process of brave obedience for us to complete until we fully inherit our destiny in God.

Some of the Israelites were hesitant to take the land they had been given, whether because they didn’t know it, or because they were afraid of the process of displacing the pagan enemies, or perhaps because life was comfortable staying with the rest of the nation on their lands.

Whatever the reason, God clearly instructs them to continue to occupy and subdue their inheritance. While earlier readings have shown us the presumption of the Israelites in failing to listen to God, today’s readings show us their procrastination – failing to obey God’s instructions to the full. Procrastination and presumption are cousins. Both are offspring of lies sown by our enemy. Let’s overcome both today, and live obediently, boldly, and expectantly until God leads us to inherit our entire destinies in Him.

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