May 13

May 13

David flees to the wilderness, Doeg kills priests, & David writes psalms.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 1 Samuel 22

Reading 2: Psalm 63

Reading 3: Psalm 52

Evil begets evil, and today’s readings are no exception. Saul has chosen his own wisdom, his own strength, and his own plans. There is no part of his being that has any place for God; he is consumed with maintaining his position and exterminating those he sees as enemies. He is entirely evil, and his evil influences others to evil, even as those who fear God refuse to submit to this now false king.

By contrast, David is in fear of his very life, but he still takes care of his father and mother (finding them a safe refuge in Moab), and he continues to obey God’s instructions, through the prophet Gad.

Saul responds by wallowing in self-pity and a distorted victim mentality, leading to him ordering the death of innocent people because he perceives their actions to be disloyal. Doeg, the Edomite, is the one who commits the murders of the priests, because even the evil king’s own soldiers refuse to commit such a crime.

Only one priest escapes, and he finds refuge with the true king!

David continues to turn his sufferings into worship, writing heartfelt songs that show how broken he is over the multiplication of evil and the terrible season his nation is enduring. But at the same time David is full of faith, trust in God, and hope for God’s redemption and justice. He refuses to take justice into his own hands, instead declaring the truth and trusting God to overturn the injustices.

God is looking for the same spirit in us. Not responding to wrong in a harsh, judgmental spirit, but reaching out for God’s mercy and grace while patiently waiting for God to bring about righteousness.

With that spirit, you will always have a song in your heart.

Have a great day!


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