June 28

June 28

Elisha & Elijah — The chariot of fire, passing the mantle, the springs of Jericho, & Elijah’s return.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 2 Kings 2

Reading 2: John 1:19-28

Reading 3: Matthew 17:1-13

God’s Story contains many instances where the plan and the action overlap, often many years apart. Because God is working with an eternal perspective, not merely in the moment.

Today we see how the mantle of Elijah passes to Elisha because Elisha will not allow anything to come between him and Elijah. God passes His anointing seamlessly from Elijah to Elisha, as Elijah is taken to heaven without dying.

Later Elijah returns on the mountain when Jesus is transfigured and, in preparation for Jesus, the spirit of Elijah lives in John the Baptist.

These elements of continuity remind us that all these stories are part of God’s love story – one story, one God, one purpose for humanity.

Let’s give thanks that we are part of that story!

Have a great day.


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