August 8

August 8.

Ezekiel — Ezekiel grieves with the captives but does not grieve the loss of his wife.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Ezekiel 3:1-15

Reading 2: Psalm 137

Reading 3: Ezekiel 24

In our previous reading we saw how God called Ezekiel to the hardship of representing God to a people who had turned their backs on Him. Today we glimpse a little of what that hardship involved.

Called to walk alongside the Israelite and Judean captives in exile, he mourns both the sin that brought them there and their loss of intimacy with God that was their birthright. Then, in a symbolic demonstration of the sorrow in God’s heart, as well as the sorrow they would feel when the full extent of their sin becomes clear to them, Ezekiel is commanded not to mourn publicly for his wife when she dies.

What a heavy burden for him to bear! But what a tangible example to his countrymen to see this man of God obeying God even in this way.

Have you ever considered that what you go through is a) less hardship than many others have faced in the past or even today? And b) has the potential to be used by God as a demonstration of His love to those around you?

That puts our troubles in a new light. How does God want to redeem your hardships today?

Have a great day!


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