August 12

August 12.

Esther — Haman’s plot against the Jews & Esther’s courageous risk to see the king.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Esther 3

Reading 2: Esther 4

Reading 3: Proverbs 21:1

Here we see Esther stepping into her destiny, as God planned, after we saw her willingness to honor God, submitting to ungodly systems and authorities, in yesterday’s reading. Now she and her people are under a death penalty because an enemy has been promoted to a rank he is unfit for and does not deserve. God has prepared her for this time; although she is concerned and would gladly avoid this test if she could, she prepares to take a great risk and go to the King. Again she does not attack the king’s ungodly law or the evil nature of Haman directly, but prepares for it to be uncovered gradually.

Would that we had as much wisdom and faith in resisting the spread of evil in our day. May God grace us all to deepen our trust in Him and act submissively and wisely toward all the ungodly authorities God has allowed in our lives!

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