October 10

October 10.

Jesus’ Ministry in Jerusalem — The woman caught in adultery & Jesus claims to be the “I AM”.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: John 8

Reading 2: John 3:16-21

Reading 3: Exodus 3:13-15

When Moses asked God His name in Exodus 3, the answer was universally applicable: “I AM.”

And God intends Moses to use “I AM” as God’s proper name; just as we might say (if asked who are you?) “I am Name” so God says to Moses “I am I AM”

Moving into the gospels, and bringing this knowledge with us, it is powerful to read how many times Jesus says “I am…” At the time, He was perhaps the only one who recognized the significance of what He was saying, but the gospel writers recorded it so that all believers could later grasp the significance.

To the religious leaders, the statement “Before Abraham was, I AM” was blasphemy – a man calling himself God. But of course we know with hindsight that they were missing the very reason Jesus was saying this – He IS God! The Messiah is both God and man – and so incapable of blasphemy.

What is even more revolutionary is that God (in Jesus) reveals Himself to be non-condemning of sin, honoring of authority, totally devoted to truth, and absolutely committed to the freedom of all of us who are slaves to sin.

Today, rejoice that there is a human being who lived a perfect life, who came to make God tangible to us, and who willingly substituted for us in punishment so we can be united with Him in life and love.

Have a great day!


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