October 13

October 13

Jesus’ Teachings on Prayer — The Lord’s Prayer, the persistent friend, & God the Father.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Luke 11:1-13

Reading 2: Matthew 6:5-14

Reading 3: John 15:5-8

Three classic passages on prayer today: the persistent friend teaches us that God wants us to come to Him with our needs, the Lord’s prayer teaches us to come to God as our loving Father, and the analogy of the vine teaches us that our fruitfulness comes from asking ANYTHING and the answers bring glory to God!

So again we see that this One Story is all about humanity being reunited with divinity in Jesus; God wants us to be in a love-filled friendship with Him so much that He is willing to do all that it takes to make that possible. How could you and I not accept God’s gift on those terms?!

Have a great day!


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