January 1

Welcome to our daily Bible readings!

Our reading plan takes us through all the major stories of the whole Bible, helping us to connect them into One Story – God’s Story.

Each day has three readings.

Reading One is the main reading, and the other two give background and application.

The three readings plus time to reflect should take you between 20 and 30 minutes each day.

If you are short of time on any day we recommend you focus on Reading One.

We recommend you keep notes as you read, which will become a daily journal of what you learn; you can use a notebook or a note app such as One Note, or Evernote on your computer or mobile device.

Start by reading the readings (each link will take you to the appropriate place in the YouVersion online Bible. We use the New Living Translation but you can change the translation to another in YouVersion if you prefer). As you read from the Bible, make notes of any verses that speak to you, and any response or action that you will make. Finally read the notes we provide to see if these prompt any further response from you, such as re-reading a section, or adding to your notes.

Every Sunday is a day off which gives you time to review or catch up. 

The structure of readings in this plan come from the One Story Plan at OwnIt365.

There are other resources to help you on this journey. In addition to these daily emails there are an Experience Guide and a “Let’s Talk” Guide on the OwnIt365 website (scroll down to “Guides”).

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