October 13

October 13

Jesus’ Ministry as the Good Shepherd — Jesus the Good Shepherd & His sheep.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: John 10

Reading 2: Ezekiel 34

Reading 3: Isaiah 40:9-11

Jesus continues to teach Israel about His calling and mission, while simultaneously exposing and condemning the pride and other sins of the religious leaders. In using the illustration of the shepherd, Jesus is not simply drawing an object lesson from a well-known role in the society of the time. He is also linking the description to prophecies from hundreds of years before.

As we have seen in previous weeks, Jesus fulfills prophecy again and again, proving His miraculous ministry and supernatural calling.

Even today, Jesus combines the past and the present to lead us into our future. As you look back, trace his working in your life (whether you saw it or not at the time). Then consider what God is doing in your life today, and the promises He has given you for the future. These three together are your foundation for faith, and faith does not disappoint – it is the substance of things hoped for!

Have a great day!