February 3

February 3.

Jacob & the Ladder — People connecting to heaven through a ladder (i.e. through Jesus)

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Genesis 28

Reading 2: Psalm 105:4-12

Reading 3: John 1:49-51

Something I love about this reading plan is the way we see the big picture of God’s story as we read. Already we have seen multiple occasions where an event in history has had spiritual significance many centuries later, and even in our own lives. This is because God is beyond time and His work is on a supernatural level with eternal significance.

Today we read about Isaac’s instruction to his son Jacob about finding a wife. Remember they live in the midst of pagan nations with practices repulsive to God’s values. Remember too, that Esau has two local wives who make life miserable for Isaac and Rebekah. So Jacob models obedience and a desire for God’s values, while Esau does the opposite.

And so Jacob sets out on a journey, basically in pursuit of God (and a wife)! And on his journey he has a dream in which God renews His promise to the family, and shows Jacob a vision of a way to reach God. Jacob’s response is worshipful and he effectively consecrates his life to God.

Our reading in Psalms puts this episode in the wider context of God’s plan to bless the world. In other words this is not just about Jacob finding the right wife. And our verses from John 1 show us that the ladder is Jesus – going from earth up to heaven so we can come to God through Him.

Had you ever thought that events in your life (especially when they are the result of obeying God’s leading) may have eternal and far-reaching significance? Next time you are tempted to feel insignificant or directionless, remember Jacob and have faith!

Have a great day!


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