February 24

February 24.

Moses & his Songs — Three of Moses’ songs in scripture.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Exodus 15

Reading 2: Psalm 90

Reading 3: Revelation 15:1-4

With all the drama of the past two days, we welcome a slight pause today to read the song that Moses and the people of Israel sang after they had crossed the Red Sea, along with a Psalm written by Moses and the song in the Book of Revelation which the Apostle John tells us is the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb (i.e. Jesus).

Worship is our only right response to God’s power. The people of Israel saw two great miracles within a month – they survived the supernatural death of all the firstborn in Egypt which prefigured the death of Jesus and achieved their freedom from slavery. Then a short time later they were supernaturally enabled to cross the Red Sea after their former enslavers tried to reverse their exodus; those pursuers were swept away by the same waters that Israel had seen parted for them.

So as you read and worship today, recall the circumstances in your own life where what seemed overwhelming to you actually overwhelmed the enemy in your life. And also recall how Jesus died to set you free from the slavery of sin. One lamb for so many slaves!

Have a great day!


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