March 29

March 29.

Joshua’s Calling — God calls Joshua to lead & promises to never leave him.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Deuteronomy 31

Reading 2: Deuteronomy 32

Reading 3: Hebrews 13:5-6

At the end of Moses’ life, he hands the leadership of Israel to Joshua, as instructed by God. He does not argue with God’s decision that he (like Aaron) will not see the Promised Land because they disobeyed God at Meribah when Moses struck the rock rather than speaking to it as God had commanded.

Instead we see Moses faithfully completing his course and handing on leadership to the man he had trained for many years.

Joshua’s call was not Moses’ call. Moses was the one who led God’s people out of slavery, Joshua would be the one to lead them into their inheritance.

Yet there is also plenty of honesty in Moses’ description of the future – that Israel will continue to rebel against God in many ways. Joshua is going to rely on God’s promise that He will be present and guide Joshua’s leadership. He is taking on the leadership of a rebellious people (just like us)!

There is always hope in God’s promises. If God would inspire Moses to write a song full of honesty about the rebellion of God’s chosen people, and promise Joshua that he would lead them into the Promised Land, then there is hope too for all us rebellious followers of Jesus – God has plans for us too!

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