April 1

April 1.

Rahab & the Spies — Rahab’s faith at work & inclusion in the genealogy of Christ.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Joshua 2

Reading 2: James 2:25-26

Reading 3: Matthew 1:1-5

Faith is an action word – it is not just an attitude but a step of obedience along the path of destiny. Rahab was living in the land God had given to Israel, but unlike the other inhabitants (who were under God’s judgment) she feared God and wanted to cooperate with God’s plans. She hid the spies, lied to the King, and asked for her family to be saved when the city fell to the Israelite invasion.

It was a case of actions showing character: James tells us that this showed Rahab was right with God. And God clearly agreed, because we later find that she is the mother of Boaz (who we will meet later through his part in the story of Ruth) and is thus named in the genealogy of Jesus!

Has God ever asked you to obey Him in a way which sets you apart from those around you? To obey God is the highest form of submission to authority, and the consequences can be literally life-changing.

Today, let’s thank Him for the life we now enjoy because Rahab put her faith into action, and trust Him to help us do the same when He asks us.

Have a great day!


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