April 2

April 2.

Joshua & Crossing the Jordan — Joshua’s miracle & the memorial stones.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Joshua 3

Reading 2: Joshua 4

Reading 3: Psalm 114

Yesterday we studied the faith of Rahab, expressed in obedience to God’s plans. Today we see Joshua demonstrating great faith by following the instructions of God to bring the nation of Israel into the Promised Land across the River Jordan.

Imagine the Mississippi River in spring, flooding the lands all around, and there are no bridges or ferries to cross. Instead the priests carrying the Ark of God’s Covenant walk up to the floods and as soon as their feet get wet, the water stops flowing upstream, and the remaining water flows away to the Dead Sea, leaving dry land for them to cross.

The people are amazed at the way their new leader continues in the same anointing and authority as Moses. They are delighted to follow him because they see the fruit of his obedience in the supernatural acts of God.

By honoring God’s presence (symbolized by the Ark of the Covenant) Joshua led the nation into a season of supernatural breakthrough. The episode was a reminder, and a reflection, of the Exodus, when God brought them out of slavery through the Red Sea. Now a second miracle takes them from the wilderness into the Promised Land. There is a fight ahead, but God is with them.

And if you are facing a battle in the near future, remember that God is with you too. Obedience releases miracles.

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