May 3

May 3

Saul Disobeys — Saul’s unlawful sacrifice, sparing Agag, & David’s heart for God.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 1 Samuel 13:1-15

Reading 2: 1 Samuel 15

Reading 3: Acts 13:16-23

Poor self-image will get you in trouble: Saul thought little of himself, Samuel tells us. In other words Saul did not trust God’s gifts, His calling, the anointing he had received, or God’s prophet.

All these insecurities led Saul into multiple sins: disobeying God’s instructions, coveting the spoils, sparing the life of King Agag, blame-shifting and making excuses for his sins, lying to Samuel, justifying his actions, and so on!

Fear of the people, rooted in his insecurities, caused Saul to lose his kingdom and ultimately his life. For the earliest point of his rule, he knows he has failed, yet he continues to try to hold on to power (and thus reveals how much it has corrupted him).

Today, too many of us hold on to sinful perspectives that lead us away from God. Insecurity is disguised as humility, but causes us to hide our sins. Pride is repainted as wisdom or strength, but still causes downfall if unaddressed.

The alternative is to be known by others, open to input, loved by God, and frequently forgiven. This is the path to life!

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