May 18

May 18

Saul Consults a Medium — God is silent to Saul & Saul tries to consult the dead.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 1 Samuel 28

Reading 2: 1 Chronicles 10:13-14

Reading 3: Proverbs 1:22-33

The pinnacle of Saul’s departure from godly ways comes in today’s readings. He turns to methods God had expressly forbidden in order to find answers that should only come from God.

Let’s be clear that this passage is NOT an endorsement of consulting mediums (or turning to any form of occult power such as palm readings, tarot cards or horoscopes). All these practices are forbidden by God and off limits for the Christian, just as playing with matches at the gas station is not permitted.

God is silent to Saul, because God has already rejected his ungodliness. Very shortly the problem will be resolved and Saul will be taken out of the picture by his own hand. God will control our actions to fulfill our destiny, although He will also permit ungodliness to continue long enough to be seen clearly so that His judgment is understood to be just.

Those who ignore God’s instruction reap the harvest of evil in the end. The sad thing is the trouble they cause to those who are following God in the meantime. If we encounter enemies in this way, God’s instruction is to avoid them, and to trust Him alone for our guidance, provision and ultimately, success.

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