May 30

May 30

Absalom’s Treason — Absalom’s insurrection & David’s escape.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 2 Samuel 15

Reading 2: 2 Samuel 17:25-29

Reading 3: Psalm 3

David’s passive fathering leads to further upheaval as Absalom undermines David’s rule and sets himself up as king. This treason would have been enough cause for David to have Absalom executed, but in a further step of trusting God, David leaves Jerusalem and heads out into the wilderness, leaving a few trusted members of his household behind.

The Psalm he wrote at this time gives us clear insight into his trust in God, and his reliance on God’s faithfulness. We would do well to follow David’s example when we face opposition or betrayal – God is big enough to handle it! If that is a struggle for you, try reading Psalm 3 aloud and make it your own.

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