June 30

June 30

Elisha & Naaman — Elisha heals Naaman the leper & Jesus heals lepers.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 2 Kings 5

Reading 2: Luke 4:16-30

Reading 3: Luke 5:12-15

The link between powerful miracles and God’s blessing is clear in the Bible. Today we see Elijah showing God’s power to a pagan army commander who has faith, while Naaman shows us that God will still work in our lives if we get the details of our approach to Him wrong! This is grace in action. God wants humanity to know Him and to receive His love.

Gehazi, on the other hand, makes a mistake that many religious people have made through history – he values the profits of ministry over the rewards of ministry and thus inherits the same disease Naaman discarded. It is a mistake to seek personal gain when serving God!

Jesus never sought personal gain, but He understood that people would rise against Him because they took Him for granted; however, to those who valued the power of God, and had sufficient need, there was still power available. This is also a lesson for us – to welcome the role need plays in our lives – making us depend on God and not on our own wisdom or greed.

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