July 23

July 23

Jehoiachin (Southern King  3 months) & Zedekiah (Southern King 11 years) — Jeremiah jailed.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 2 Kings 24:8-20

Reading 2: Jeremiah 37

Reading 3: Jeremiah 38

The end of a decline is often the hardest part, and today’s readings are no exception. Jeremiah continues to live in fear of his life despite his obedience to God and his adherence to God’s Word. The evil kings he serves are determined to ignore his advice, or worse to kill him for what they see as treason.

Jeremiah has enemies among the people too, especially the grandson of false prophet Hananiah. But there are also those who look out for Jeremiah and rescue him. So he lives to prophesy another day!

Let’s thank God that out of all this death, rebellion, and destruction, comes restoration after the punishment for sin is completed.

Have a great day!


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