July 26

July 26

Gedaliah (Southern Governor 7 months) — Jeremiah preaches “Don’t go to Egypt” but is taken.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 2 Kings 25:22-26

Reading 2: Jeremiah 42

Reading 3: Jeremiah 43

Now Judah is also under judgment, and a mere remnant remains in Jerusalem after king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon took the best men away as captives. They are governed by a puppet ruler – Gedaliah – set in place by the Babylonians to keep order.

However, there are still some proud men in Judah who think they know best, and they murder Gedaliah, and then decide to flee to Egypt to be safe from the revenge of Nebuchadnezzar. But they ask Jeremiah to ask God what they should do. They at least pretend to desire God’s answers, until they do not line up with what they want to hear. But Jeremiah truly listens to God, and God tells Jeremiah the truth – that these men are deceitfully asking for God’s word, having already decided what they are going to do.

Poor Jeremiah and Baruch are caught up in the disobedience because they too are carried off to Egypt when the proud leaders escape there. But Jeremiah accurately prophesies that Nebuchadnezzar will bring an end to the once great nation of Egypt and all the rebels who fled there will die there.

For us, this sad tale is a warning; let’s be careful not to come to God on our own terms, and beware of doing what we have determined in our hearts to do if God’s Word does not confirm it. It is so easy for us to slip into sin by obeying our own desires rather than God’s will. But God is faithful and will speak truth to us, as He did to Jeremiah.

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