July 30

July 30

Daniel & Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream & Humbling — God establishes authorities.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Daniel 4

Reading 2: Daniel 5:18-21

Reading 3: Romans 13:1-4

After yesterday’s miracles and Nebuchadnezzar’s recognition of God’s power, today we read about his dream warning him of powerful personal consequences if he continues in his pride and arrogance. Clearly this king was full of himself, even if he recognized God’s hand in specific events!

Despite Daniel’s warning, Nebuchadnezzar does not change his ways and the insanity prophesied befalls him. His example becomes a lesson for his successor Belshazzar. The fault is to disregard God’s supremacy as creator of the world, and to act as if God has no authority, when in fact all authority comes from God.

This is a lesson for us too: we do well to honor all authority (godly or ungodly) because God has instituted that authority for His Kingdom purposes. No human authority is ever completely righteous, so we must learn to submit to imperfect rulers lest we fail to submit to God.

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