August 3

August 3

Daniel & the Four Beasts — The Son of Man’s (i.e. Jesus’) coming & His kingdom.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Daniel 7

Reading 2: Mark 13:21-27

Reading 3: Mark 14:60-65

Daniel has already shown himself to be a godly man, and one who can interpret dreams with a prophetic spirit. Now the account of his life turns to show us something of Daniel’s own spiritual life – his prophetic dreams and their interpretation.

It is important with prophetic symbolism in scripture that we interpret through the lens of Jesus (because He is the image of the invisible God – to quote Paul – and because He came to reveal the Father to us). So it is helpful today to read how Jesus took Daniel’s vision and applied it to His own life, ministry, and Kingdom.

The Son of Man is a title for the Messiah, and Jesus is clearly very comfortable using it as His title. Daniel’s vision hundreds of years earlier foretells the coming of one who will be the savior of those who love God – who will one day wield all authority. This is our Savior Jesus – and He will come on the clouds of heaven from His place at the right hand of God the Father. That is what Daniel saw, and it is what we look forward to, whatever beast-like spiritual powers rule on earth for a time. We are on the winning side, and God will rule over all.

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