August 25

August 25

Nehemiah — Nehemiah experiences opposition & needs strong hands to continue.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Nehemiah 5

Reading 2: Nehemiah 6

Reading 3: Zechariah 8:7-15

We saw yesterday how the opponents (whose motivation was primarily to safeguard their own position) were gradually defeated. Interestingly, many of the leaders of the Israelites also placed a higher priority on their own comfort than on the welfare of those around them. Nehemiah saw this as evidence that they did not hold godly values, neither did they respect God’s authority. Nehemiah challenges them, just as he resists the distractions of the pagan outsiders.

Sometimes we have to resist opposition from several directions in order to prevail. In those times we have to seek God’s wisdom, as Nehemiah did.

And we see the result of such perseverance as the wall is completed in just 52 days. What a demonstration of God’s vision and blessing.

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