September 10

September 10

Jesus’ Second Miracle — Jesus heals the nobleman’s son & Nazareth rejects Jesus.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: John 4:43-54

Reading 2: Luke 4:14-30

Reading 3: Isaiah 61:1-3

Returning to Galilee, because He does not want to become too popular in Judea and Jerusalem where the religious power rules, Jesus performs a second miracle – healing a government official’s son. Then, in the local synagogue, He is handed the scroll of the prophet Isaiah and reads from the portion we now label Chapter 61. He declares that a Messianic prophecy has been fulfilled by His declaring the good news (in other words He tells them he is the Messiah) but they see too clearly with their own understanding. “This is just Joseph’s son” they say, and so they will not believe what he tells them. This contrasts with the government official (likely a Gentile Roman) who believed Jesus’ promise that his son would be healed.

So Jesus tests the people of Nazareth by reminding them that God often works more with outsiders than insiders. This infuriates them and they seek to kill Him, but His power is greater and He walks away.

Whenever Jesus is doing miracles we have a choice – accept or reject these visible evidences of God’s loving power. If we will believe then anything is possible. Unbelief (by contrast) will lead us in unwelcome directions.

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