September 14

September 14

Jesus’ Disciples Called — Jesus calls people to begin following Him.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Matthew 4:18-25

Reading 2: Luke 5:1-11

Reading 3: Matthew 9:9-13

Jesus can already draw a crowd (we saw that yesterday). But today we see that he’s more interested in relationship than mere celebrity. He selects some unlikely people and tells them to be His disciples. This was an established model in that culture but it was still revolutionary for a rabbi to call “sinners” to follow Him.

Notice, too, that Jesus is not afraid to show His power in supernatural acts to help people trust Him. The same thing is happening (but is under-reported) in many countries where it is forbidden or dangerous to be a follower of Jesus today. By means of dreams and other supernatural events, many are coming to Christ.

For Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John, the miracle was very personal – they had caught nothing all day (even though they were experienced fishermen) – but in obedience to Jesus’ instructions they caught enough fish to impress even them! And then Jesus says “now let’s catch people!”

What is Jesus asking of you today? Does it seem crazy or impossible? Try saying “yes, Lord” and see what happens!

Have a great day!


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