September 17

September 17

Jesus’ Choosing of the 12 — Jesus prays all night, chooses 12 apostles, & is criticized by family.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Luke 6:1-16

Reading 2: Mark 3:1-21

Reading 3: John 15:12-17

Today we see Jesus selecting a group of leaders to help Him with the ministry – the challenge is the numbers of people who are coming asking for healing and deliverance, the solution is to give twelve people authority to cast out demons.

But don’t miss this in the account – these apostles were to be WITH Him and to be sent out to preach. The primary purpose of Jesus drawing others alongside Him was to be with them, investing Himself in them and leading them by example.

That was incomprehensible to the religious leaders – they looked only for personal authority and position. Their followers were followers, not friends. No wonder they missed what God was doing, and would not answer Jesus when His questions exposed their wrong motives.

Jesus us calls us His friends – that means anything is possible today.

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