October 1

October 1

Jesus’ Confrontation with the Pharisees — The Pharisees, a Greek woman, & a deaf-mute.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Mark 7

Reading 2: Matthew 15:1-31

Reading 3: Isaiah 29:13-14

It seems astonishing from our perspective that the Pharisees and other religious leaders could be so hard-hearted and blind! But in their day they set the rules and enforced them – a recipe for self-blinding rule making.

We think we would never be like that, when in fact it is all too easy to make the same mistakes. By contrast the Greek woman wanted God’s supernatural intervention and was prepared to even argue with Jesus to get it. Her faith dismantled rules rather than slavishly following them as the Pharisees did.

So for us – do we let what we “know” blind us to what God is doing? Or do we diligently seek Him for all we need?

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