October 5

October 5

Jesus’ Transfiguration: Peter’s experience on the mountain and his comments on scripture.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Matthew 17

Reading 2: Luke 9:27-45

Reading 3: 2 Peter 1:16-21


Yesterday we saw Peter going from commended and commissioned “On this foundation I will build…” to corrected and contradicted “get behind me satan…”

Today we see another dramatic interaction between God and Peter, which again results in Peter being firmly put in his place!

It is so encouraging to see that the apostles were human and prone to wild swings of belief – full of faith one moment and directly opposing God’s purposes the next! And through it all, Jesus loves His followers and teaches them patiently about the Father, the Kingdom, and the future.

Peter has so many “pendulum swing” experiences that he is an inspiration to those of us who are deeply aware of our own failings in following Jesus! At the end of today’s main chapter, he even catches a fish with his tax money in its mouth. That’s a humorous way for God to provide for an impetuous former fisherman whose insecurity shines through at every opportunity!

Many times it seems that Peter, along with his fellow disciples, was clueless about what Jesus was teaching them. Yet all these experiences wrote deeply on Peter’s heart, changing him over time. When he came to write his second letter, he described the same prophecies that he had not understood earlier as: “lights shining in the darkness, until the day dawns and Christ shines in your hearts”

Clearly, the reversals and the corrections bore fruit – Peter knew the light of Jesus shining in his heart. How about you and I today? What correction will we receive? Where will we discover we have misunderstood God? How will the light of Jesus shine brightly in our lives?

Have a great day!


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