October 7

October 7

Jesus’ Sending of More Disciples: Sending 70+ more, the Good Samaritan, & Mary/Martha.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Luke 10

Reading 2: Matthew 9:35-38

Reading 3: Matthew 6:25-34



Have you ever felt out of your depth spiritually? God has challenged you to step out and you know you are beyond your own capacity? That must have been how the 72 felt. They would have been following Jesus for a while, and even seeing the 12 apostles doing the ministry alongside Jesus (with varying degrees of success). They probably said “Amen” when Jesus told His followers to ask the Lord of the abundant harvest to send out workers into the harvest (Matthew 9). But now, they find themselves commissioned and sent to be the answer to their own prayers!

This is an insight into God’s preferred method of working: get us into situations where we are out of our depth, so that the results depend on God, and we are stretched to rely on His power, not our own. Reflect for a moment on this truth: because you are a follower of Jesus, you are called to re-present Him in your daily life, guided by the Holy Spirit.

And to keep us humble when God does great things through us, Jesus encourages us to remember that we will be part of heaven’s multitude one day, where ALL the glory will go to God, and we will be part of the eternal party celebrating His power and victory.

Now if you are wondering who to go to, as you bring God’s good news to those around you, the next story is for you. The short version of the Good Samaritan is that helping someone is the highest form of neighborly love, even if that person is the complete opposite of you. If Christ followers would embrace this principle, we could heal the scars of racism and injustice rapidly, and be seen to be so radical in our love, that radical hate would have nowhere to hide.

And speaking of hiding, that may have been what Martha was doing when she tried to create a fine feast for Jesus and the disciples: hiding behind her cooking skills. Mary by contrast was willing to be seen as “lazy” and “uncaring” by listening to Jesus in preference to being busy. Mary was commended for her brave choice.

So don’t hide behind efforts to impress; instead step out and show the world that Jesus is Lord, by doing all that God tells you to do (even if it is impossible)!

Have a great day!


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