December 10

December 10

Paul — Journey #3 (Plan for Rome) — Paul’s plan to visit Rome after visiting Jerusalem.

Today’s Readings:
Reading 1: Acts 19:20-22
Reading 2: Romans 1:8-17
Reading 3: Romans 15:20-33

We have seen in many of our readings how Paul is deeply motivated to share the good news, especially with the Gentiles, and in places where others have not yet started churches. Paul is a pioneer and his energy, strategizing, and willingness to suffer have caused the church to expand dramatically.

He writes to the Christians in Rome telling them what he has been doing and looking forward to being with them. His expectation is only tempered by his desire to first take the love offering from Macedonia and Achaia (including Corinth) to the brothers and sisters in Jerusalem who are suffering. Thankfulness for the heritage passed on from the Jews and early believers in Jerusalem inspires the more recent believers in these far-flung places to honor their forerunners in the faith.

As we read about Paul’s example, and about the gratitude of the Macedonian and Corinthian believers, let’s think about those in our own lives who have been an example, or paid a high price, for us to be in relationship with God. How can you honor them?

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