December 12

December 12.

Paul — Journey #3 (Macedonia, Troas) — Paul teaches the Elders how to shepherd.

Today’s Readings:
Reading 1: Acts 20
Reading 2: Titus 1:5-10
Reading 3: 1 Peter 5:1-11

Paul travels through Macedonia on his way to Jerusalem, and in his journey we see details about many of the churches to which he wrote letters (Philippi, Ephesus, for example). It is notable that Paul cares deeply about leadership and godly structure in the churches he oversees. He teaches the elders, from his own experience, how to shepherd.

These verses have often been overused to prohibit women, divorced men, and others from serving as elders or overseers. But this approach is not supported by the original texts, nor is it consistent with other records in Acts and the rest of the New Testament. There is not space here to discuss the Biblical roles of women and men, even in church leadership, but there are some excellent articles challenging the “status quo” teaching that excludes women. One example is here and another, which addresses a parallel passage in Titus directly, is here.

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