December 29

December 29

Revelation & the Renovated Universe — There will be a new heavens, earth, & Jerusalem
Today’s Readings:
Reading 1: Revelation 21
Reading 2: Isaiah 65:17-25
Reading 3: 2 Peter 3

After the final clean-up yesterday, we have two days to celebrate the promise of everything made new. Just as we are preparing to celebrate a New Year, so God is preparing to celebrate a new heaven and a new earth. The old will pass away and He will make everything new.

Jesus is the beginning (as we saw on January 1st this year) and the end (as we are seeing now). The whole Bible is One Story: His-story.

The new Jerusalem is a picture of God’s dwelling with mankind. No need for a Temple or any special place to go to find God. God will be everywhere and so there is no need for any light, nor is there any day or night. And, in a human touch surely designed to encourage John who was imprisoned by water on the Island of Patmos, there is no sea!

It is impossible for us to imagine what this new earth is like, because it will be different from all that we know. It is as if we are currently living in an acorn, and God is going to grow a vast oak. We can look forward to so much!

Have a great day!


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