February 10

February 10.

Joseph & Meeting his Brothers — Joseph weeping for his brothers (like Jesus did).

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Genesis 42

Reading 2: Genesis 43

Reading 3: Luke 19:41-42

We saw in our previous two readings how Joseph’s character was tested most severely in preparation for the events to come. The famine Joseph predicted from Pharaoh’s dream was now in full force, affecting not just Egypt, but the surrounding nations. The difference was that Egypt was prepared because God had warned them years earlier. Now Jacob sends his remaining sons (except Benjamin) to buy grain. And then Joseph’s dream of the sun, moon and stars bowing to him begins to be fulfilled! But what a different man he is now from the bratty teenager whose brothers had him sold to get rid of him!

As we have considered the stories of Joseph’s life we have compared him with Jesus, and today’s reading provides more comparisons. Joseph weeps for his family several times in these two chapters, just as Jesus weeps for his people in our selection from Luke 19. These are men of God who are moved by the blindness of their kin, and whose emotion fuels their motivation to be the solution to the struggles their people face.

As you read about Joseph’s feelings (and Jacob’s), reflect on your own heart for your own relationship with God and your attitude to others who may not have followed God as closely as you. Joseph continues to be an inspirational example for us, reflecting Jesus centuries before He came.

Together: share your reflections and pray for one another.

Have a great day!