March 12

March 12

Love Your Neighbor — Love your enemy, who is your neighbor, & the Good Samaritan.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Leviticus 19:18

Reading 2: Matthew 5:43-48

Reading 3: Luke 10:25-37

As if to underscore the need for God’s grace, today we read three selections which outline God’s standards for relationships: love your neighbor, love your enemy, be perfect.

Those are impossible to accomplish without God’s help!

But consider this: God would not require a standard which is not achievable – that would be inconsistent with all we see of His nature in the Bible. So these standards reveal God’s heart for us, and his resources too.

When Jesus says to the religious leader in Luke 10 “go and do the same,” He is responding to the man’s understanding that life is not measured by our righteousness but our merciful actions. That’s because God is merciful.

In that light, Jesus’ statement becomes a promise – you can be merciful.

So have a great day!