March 18

March 18

Aaron’s Rod — God chooses the tribe of Levi, & fruitfulness proves God’s choice.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Numbers 17

Reading 2: Numbers 1:47-54

Reading 3: Luke 6:43-45

We saw yesterday how Aaron’s intercession saved many in Israel from the consequences of their continuing rebellion. Today God vindicates Aaron and the tribe of Levi by a miracle.

Moses has each tribe bring a staff to the tabernacle where they are labeled and left in God’s presence overnight. The next morning, there are 11 staffs and one branch with leaves, buds, blossoms and ripe almonds! All this from a piece of wood which presumably had long since left its original place in a tree!

Thus God re-affirms His choice of Levi as the tribe to care for the Tabernacle and protect the people from God’s anger when they sin. The reading from Numbers 1 reminds us of God’s original instructions, and the reading from Luke 6 makes clear that fruitfulness is the measure of a person – because fruit shows what the heart contains.

May your heart be full of God’s love today, and may you bear much good fruit through Him!

Have a great day!