March 26

March 26

The Story of their Wandering — Reviewing Israel’s history & the Word of God.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Deuteronomy 1

Reading 2: Deuteronomy 2

Reading 3: Deuteronomy 4:1-14

Today’s reading draws together many of the stories we have studied in recent weeks. It is Moses’ summary of the journey from Exodus to Promised Land. It makes encouraging reading if you trace the journey of obedience, and sobering reading if you follow the results of disobedience!

Notice how Moses leads, giving absolute priority to God’s instruction, gathering the wisdom and teaching God has given and presenting it to the people. They have a choice – to embrace the wisdom of God or to follow their own instincts. Remember sin will always lead us away from God, but God created us to be drawn TO Him.

Today’s reading is also an opportunity to reiterate that God is a loving God. Although there is much violence and judgment in the history of Israel to date, it is in response to sin, and for the purpose of rooting it out. Just as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery are violent and harmful, yet can be¬†life-giving to those fighting cancer.

God is a covenant God – choosing to bless, and longing for those who will love Him and enter into relationship with Him. Let’s be those people today!

Together: how can you help each other deepen your relationship with God?

Have a great day!