April 18

April 18

Judge Samson — The Nazirite Vow to separate yourself to the LORD.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Judges 13

Reading 2: Numbers 6:1-21

Reading 3: Amos 2:10-13

In the cycle of success and failure which repeats throughout the Book of Judges, Samson is perhaps the most representative judge of the people of Israel – we see both the strengths and weaknesses of this unique man.

His birth was miraculous and God called for him to be set apart in a special way from the first. His parents are clearly affected by the Philistine oppression (a result of Israel’s sin) and do not fully recognize God’s activity at first. It would be a little surprising, in the midst of blatantly ungodly circumstances, to be visited by an angel and given instructions for a godly breakthrough to come through your lives!

The requirements for the Nazirite calling of Samson first apply to his mother, so that he will never taste alcohol, whether in utero or after birth. The two characteristics of the Nazirite calling are no alcohol and no hair cutting. In these ways, the Nazirite is set apart for God’s purposes in the same way as Jesus was set apart by His virgin birth and constant obedience to the Father.

Of course, we will read that Samson takes too lightly the holiness of his calling, and thus brings dishonor to his nation, his family, and himself. But for today, let’s remember that in Jesus, we too are called, chosen, and set apart for God. Not in a rules-dominated way, but as a privilege that we must not take lightly. God wants to show His glory through your life!

Together: how does God want to show His glory through your life, and what might hinder that?

Have a great day!