May 9

May 9

Saul’s Insecurity — King Saul is jealous of David, fears David, & manipulates David.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 1 Samuel 18

Reading 2: Proverbs 14:30

Reading 3: James 3:13-16

We can be grateful for the clarity of scripture on the relationship between Saul and David (or rather the enmity Saul felt for David in his insecurity and selfish pride).

Remember that Saul had shown presumption and pride from the start of his reign, causing God to choose David as king instead, while David has shown nothing but humility, obedience, and submission to the king.

The ways Saul treats David are ungodly and deceptive; designed to tempt him into settings where Saul hopes he will be killed. Clearly, Saul deserves none of his authority but is determined to deceive and manipulate David in order to keep it. Yet God sees to it that Saul’s schemes come to nothing and David’s success and reputation keep rising.

Even if the enemy seeks to trick you and trap you, God will watch over your life, just as James describes. Humility and trust in God will always preserve and prosper you, even if those in authority are against you.

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