June 4

June 4

David & his Mighty Men — David’s men were mighty because God was with them.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 2 Samuel 23:8-39

Reading 2: 1 Chronicles 11:10

Reading 3: Zechariah 10:5

Often at the end of a person’s life, their exploits and the highlights of their achievements are foremost in the minds of those around them. Today we read the account of David’s mighty men; the legends among the people of Israel for their exploits as David the Warrior subdued the surrounding enemies, inspired many to become great, and united the nation.

What a testimony to God’s empowering and to David’s leadership that these mighty men did all that is recorded in today’s readings. David inspired, God gave strength, and these men brought great victories to Israel. God intends us all to offer our strengths to Him, inspired by leaders above us and peers around us. As we give our best, others will also be raised up into leadership.

Notice also that there were an inner circle of three, another group of 30, and so on. Not everyone is called to the “top of the ladder” places in God’s Kingdom. There is a unique place for each one, and the exploits of the mighty men in the 30 were just as significant to the nation of Israel as the victories of the three. In fact, the passage describes several who were as famous as the three without being included. It can sometimes be a test of our humility and trust in God to be left out of some inner circles. Can we continue to give our best because God is worth it?!

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