June 18

June 18

Jeroboam (Northern King 22 years) — Jeroboam creates idols to keep the people’s allegiance.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 1 Kings 12:25-33

Reading 2: 1 Kings 13

Reading 3: 1 Kings 14:1-20

Today we see the ungodly lengths the rebel king Jeroboam goes to in order to secure the loyalty of his people. Showing that the use of religion and superstition are nothing new in the armory of deception, he creates two golden calves, like the idols made by the Israelites while Moses was up the mountain with God in the book of Exodus!

And so we see the consequences of turning away from God to idolatry of any kind – whether golden calves, or wealth, or political power, or religious authority, or atheistic dogma; man cannot prosper by ignoring or denying God’s principles or God’s standards. Rejecting God results in God rejecting us!

Thank God we have a Savior who has overturned this pattern of rebellion and saved us when we did not deserve to be saved!

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