June 27

June 27

Jehoshaphat (Southern King 25 years) — Jehoshaphat’s reforms & singers on the battlefront.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 2 Chronicles 19

Reading 2: 2 Chronicles 20

Reading 3: 1 Kings 22:41-50

Back tracking a little from yesterday’s reading, we see the beginning of the reign of Jehoshaphat in Judah. His father Asa had relied on Syria rather than the Lord, but Jehoshaphat is wholehearted in his commitment to God.

During his reign he appoints judges and re-orders the government to rely more fully on God’s wisdom. He also responds rightly when threatened, asking God for help and trusting God’s Word. That is when God gives the interesting battle strategy to trust God and sing “Give thanks to the Lord for His love endures forever.”

As soon as the people begin to worship and declare God’s praise in this way, the enemies are thrown into confusion, turn against each other, and kill each other. What an example of the power of unity and praise!

I believe God is pleased when we follow His instructions wholeheartedly.

Have a great day!