July 3

July 3

Elisha & his Prayer — Seeing the invisible spiritual realm all around us.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: 2 Kings 6:1-23

Reading 2: 2 Kings 2:11

Reading 3: 2 Chronicles 32:6-8

Elisha lives in a different realm to the others around him. He sees what they don’t see, and he knows what they can’t know. His relationship with God gives him supernatural insight, supernatural power, and supernatural authority. First he overrides the law of gravity to recover the metal ax head one of his companions lost. Then he relays to the king of Israel all the plans of his enemy the king of Aram (Syria). Finally, when the king of Aram tries to kidnap and kill him, Elisha first asks God to open the eyes of his frightened servant, and then has all the Aramaean soldiers blinded (spiritually at least) and leads them into the headquarters of their foe, the king of Israel, in Samaria. This is a very humorous story in the midst of warlike circumstances, and it gives the impression that Elisha cares little for the fears and troubles of his circumstances because he is more at home in God’s Kingdom than earthly ones.

The chariots of fire he saw were familiar to him from his appointment as Elijah’s successor, and his example was inspirational to later leaders such as Hezekiah, who encouraged his people to trust God more than their own resources when in similar circumstances years later.

So for us – how will we respond in hard times? Will we wring our hands in despair and fear? Or fight back in our own strength and our limited wisdom? We must learn to see as Elisha saw, and trust as he trusted, so that God’s Kingdom will advance, and God’s power will be seen.

Have a great day!