August 6

August 6

Daniel Prays for Jerusalem — 70 years, 70 weeks, & the Abomination of Desolation.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Daniel 9

Reading 2: Jeremiah 25:8-14

Reading 3: Matthew 24:3-27

Prophetic writing, such as we read today, can be a challenge to interpret correctly. This passage from Daniel has much to teach us, but much of its meaning is shrouded in mystery, to be understood later when the Lord returns. There is a fulfillment of these words that came in Daniel’s time, after the 70 years had passed for Jerusalem to be judged. But there is a deeper, greater fulfillment which will come when Jesus returns. Jesus alludes to this in His comments in Matthew 24.

The important principle for us all is to grasp the big picture and learn the foundational lesson, rather than seeking to unravel every detail and tie down every phrase to a specific event. Since prophecy often has multiple levels of symbolism and application, we can’t approach it like a spreadsheet or a timeline!

So Daniel’s prophetic experience shows us that God wants us to agree with His Word in prayer. It also teaches us that Jesus will be victorious over worldly ungodly powers, and that judgment will come to all who reject and oppose God’s rule. Finally we learn to endure and trust until suddenly Jesus completes what He has started.

Let’s rejoice in our hope today – whatever is happening in the world around us, Jesus wins and we live with Him forever!

Have a great day!