August 11

August 11

Ezekiel — Israel’s sinful history & their (national & individual) resurrection.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Ezekiel 20:1-38

Reading 2: Ezekiel 37

Reading 3: John 11:21-27

In the One Story we are tracing together, today’s readings could be said to be the whole story in one day!

We have the sad, but inevitable, history of Israel – chosen by God but defiled by sin, so that they continue to turn away from the one who gives them life & hope; trusting instead in lifeless idols and evil images.

We have the metaphorical state of every human being apart from God (and every nation by extension): a pile of dry bones with no hope of life.

And we have the glorious Good News that the eternally living God has decided to bring resurrection life to us all. Not that we deserve this (we don’t!) but God has the power and the desire to fulfill his plan.

Breathe life into us us God!

Have a great day!