August 18

August 18

King Cyrus — Cyrus doesn’t know God but fulfills prophecy about rebuilding the temple.

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: Ezra 1

Reading 2: 2 Chronicles 36:15-23

Reading 3: Isaiah 45:1-7

We have said many times that God is God, and the rulers of human kingdoms have less power and authority than they appear to have. Sometimes God works through an ungodly ruler, other times He removes one, all in accordance with His master plan.

Today we read about king Cyrus who fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah about rebuilding the Temple. It does not seem to matter to God that the instrument of His plans is not a believer! We already saw God’s power over the evil actions of unbelievers in the account of Esther, today we see it again with Cyrus.

So for us who believe, the potential is great – if we will cooperate with God and follow His instructions, the fruit could be greater than when God has to overrule an ungodly authority figure to fulfill His plans.

How can you cooperate with God today?

Have a great day!