September 9

September 9

Jesus’ First Miracle — A wedding runs out of wine (i.e. joy) & Jesus turns water to wine

Today’s Readings:

Reading 1: John 2:1-12

Reading 2: Isaiah 24:11

Reading 3: John 13:1

Jesus constantly reveals the Father, and His actions were in obedience to Father’s voice. Thus today’s readings show us our own condition as well as God’s heart for us. The wedding runs out of wine (which was not only a great shame on the family for failing to provide for their guests, but also a disappointment to all present).

Just as the bride and groom’s joy was temporarily halted by the embarrassment of running out of wine, so we often experience a gap between our aspirations and our achievements. Whether in a simple task, or in the whole of life, it is common to find that what we hope for is beyond the reach of what is.

Well Jesus is willing to step in to these situations, even though it may not be His time to shine. What does He do? He transforms the mundane into the delightful. In this case large water pots prepared for ritual washing become gallons of fine wine.

Never let anyone convince you Jesus is a kill-joy. Even the professional bartender was impressed by the quality of Jesus’ wine! And so the joy was not only restored, but exceeded. What will Jesus do with the ordinary disappointments of your life or mine? Let’s tell Him about them and then follow Mary’s advice to the servants: “Do whatever He tells you.”

Have a great day!